RoseScapes™ Garden Roses

Helping You Grow Your Garden

A collection of 6 mini roses ready to be planted
A convenient way of starting your rose garden project
RoseScapes bring a burst of joy to your garden with a multiple color offering

It’s easy as 1,2,3 to build your rose garden 1. Plan: Check out your Hardiness Zone (see below). 2. Prepare: Select a sunny location with neutral, well-draining soil. 3. Enjoy: Watch your RoseScapes thrive and transform your space into a beautiful haven.

Hardiness Zone

The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map is the standard by which gardeners and growers can determine which annual and perennial plants are most likely to thrive in a geographical location.

The map is based on the average annual extreme minimum winter temperature, displayed as 10-degree F zones and 5-degree F half zones.

RoseScapes will thrive outdoors in zones 4-9.


What do I do with my RoseScapes?

RoseScapes are perfect for planting in group to enhance the density of your garden, container, or planter, providing a convenient way to bring your vision to life.

How big will my RoseScape grow?

During the first planting season, expect each RoseScape to widen by about 2"-3" (depending on available space) and increase in height by approximately 1"-2".

How Far apart should I plant my RoseScapes?

Ensure a minimum spacing of 2" between RoseScapes to allow ample room for each plant to thrive and reach its full size.

What type of care does my RoseScape require?

Pruning: Check your rose bush in late winter/early spring. When new shoots appear, it's time to prune. Use shears to cut back to a desirable height, allowing them to grow throughout the next season.

Watering: Roses should never become too dry. Depending on size and environment, water every other day. Ensure the soil is not too muddy but maintains moisture for healthy root survival.

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